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User acquisition for digital agencies: how to find new clients

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  1. How to identify the right and wrong clients for your agency.
  2. How to build your agency positioning and get clients coming to you.
  3. The simple lead generation tactic that has helped Hey Digital grow x3 in the last 12 months.


How to Identify the Right and Wrong Clients for Your Agency

We made many mistakes when we started because it was an early stage, and I wanted to work with anyone who showed interest. But in the last three years of working with lots of different clients, people, companies, I’ve started to understand how important the right client is and how much impact it can get on your business. For example, if you are working with a lot of clients and your team hates working with them, it creates a very toxic atmosphere. 


Signs of Good and Bad Clients


Good clients:


  • Good communicators - you’re excited to work together.
  • Have all of the resources needed to help you.
  • Have an understanding of marketing (not always needed).
  • You’ve had success with similar clients before.


Bad clients:


  • Have burned through multiple agencies.
  • Don’t respect time or boundaries.
  • Constantly calling the shots.
  • Paying little, expecting EVERYTHING in return. 


Bad clients can really burn your team out. You spend a lot of time just trying to fix the relations, and that’s a big red flag. Another thing is the format of communication. For example, bad clients often use only email to talk about anything, and it takes a lot of time, even with minor issues. Moreover, sometimes you need to teach clients how to communicate better to get better results for both of you. Good clients can talk to you on a video call and discuss everything you need in 15 minutes. 


How to Build Your Agency Positioning


Start With a Niche


Start with a niche focus, identify product-market fit and then start offering additional services after.


Starting with a niche will really help you out and speed up the path to revenue. It’s a lot easier to add some clients when you know precisely what you are doing on the market and what clients you want to work with. 


A Simple Lead Generation Tactic That Nobody Is Talking About


If lead generation is a problem to you and is something that stops you from progress, here is a tip. I don’t do any lead generation, no emails, no calls, nothing like this. When I started, I’ve tried one outbound email campaign, and it brought us one client, but besides this, all the other people coming to us by themselves. Now we are hiring more people because too many leads are coming and we can’t service them properly with the number of people we have now, even though we are very picky and we say “no” to 75% of clients. 


So, you can generate leads in many ways, but this one way helped us triple our agency in the last 12 months. And here are the three words: Your Own Podcast. 


The SaaS Marketing Show launched at the end of March 2020 both on audio and video. Having gained early traction, it’s well on the way to becoming the #1 SaaS Marketing podcast in the world, thanks to our high-quality guests and valuable content.


The show’s audience mostly consists of SaaS marketers, founders, and CEOs. It’s a weekly interview show with episodes being 25-35 minutes long. Guest criteria is a senior marketer at a SaaS company of $1 million ARR+ who must deep-dive into a marketing activity that has worked well for them, along with numbers. 


This podcast was the best decision I’ve made, and here is why:


  • We got a lot of people watching and downloading us even without client acquisition.
  • Content creation. As an agency, we have the only podcast which we were streaming while recording. So we can create clips and share them across the internet, and this is our marketing flow. The more content we post, the more clients we attract. 


Almost all of our prospects mention the podcast. And on top of that, we’ve turned many guests into clients. 

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What you'll learn:
How to identify the right and wrong kind clients for your agency
How to build your agency's positioning and get clients coming to you
The simple and effective lead generation tactic that has helped Hey Digital grow 3x in the last 12 months
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About a speaker:
Dylan Hey
Speaker: Dylan Hey
Dylan is a social selling expert. He runs his own digital marketing agency and his work has been featured by companies like Buzzfeed, Thrive, and Future Sharks.
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